Thursday, May 13, 2010


I am sitting listening to the news talking about the Arizona law
dealing with illegals. I heard a young lady of lation decent say that
she felt disrespected because of it. Well number one if you are in
this country illegelly then you are breaking the law plan and simple.
We are a country of laws that should be followed. Should we let
theives and murders run free because its not fair. Life is not fair
but you still go on. I hear Mexico and other countries say this law
isn't fair but iof you cross the border going south you will go to
jail unless you do it right. I don't know of any country that will let
you in with out the right paqers. When I lived in Russia you didn't
walk to the corner without your papers. If you did you was in deep
trouble. I think people need to think about what a great country we
live in. Poeple need to thank their lucky stars that we have the
freedoms that we do and fight to keep them

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